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Potable and Sanitary Water Pressure Sets

Satisfactory performance of a potable water system is assured with the selection and installation of the Specific PW-150 series Potable Water Packages designed to deliver maximum water flow at sufficient pressure. The units will easily accommodate the total potable water requirements of an offshore drilling or production platform or a land based camp. If the PW-150 does not meet your required needs Specific can design and build a water pressure set to your custom needs. Contact our sales department and they can help you.


General Description "Our Standard System"


Each Specific PW-150 series potable water package consists of one or two vertical steel tanks, two vertical motor driven centrifugal pumps, automatic hi/lo pressure control switches for each pump, air and water control, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, all necessary valves and manifold piping from a point of common inlet to common outlet. All mounted on a rigid steel base for ease of handling and installation.


Two pumps are incorporated into each potable water package to provide 100% standby capacity and to handle peak load demands. During normal operation, a single pump will be able to supply the demand and keep the tank charged under sufficient pressure. In time of peak load, both pumps will operate to supply the demand. Operation of the pumps are individually controlled by separate pressure switches set at 5 psi levels.


The PW-150 series potable water package is shipped from Specific ready to operate. Installation requires only that the customer locate the unit in place, connect inlet and discharge water lines.


  • Chlorinating Pump - a positive displacement, electric motor driven to inject chemicals into the pump discharge line, prior to entry into the pressure tank.
  • Low Pressure Strainers - duplex, low pressure strainers for installation in the potable water supply line from the storage tank or well. Transflo switching valve permits either strainer to be serviced without disrupting operations.
  • High Pressure Filters - duplex, pressure type filters with replaceable filter elements can be provided on the pressure tank outlet. Transflo switching valve allows isolation of either filter for changing filter elements.
  • Differential Pressure Indicators - provided on each filter or strainer to alert personnel to necessity of servicing.
  • Nema 4 or 4X control panel, complete with non-combination contactors, HOA switches and run lights. (lead/lag alteration available as option in control panel)



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