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Fire Pump Package

For offshore platforms, work barges, drill rigs, and land based camps

Reliability is the major consideration in selection of fire pumps for use in critical applications where safety of men and equipment is at strake. Specific's FP-13 series of fire pump packages are designed for maximum reliability through pump design, material selection and mechanical assembly. Compact, yet accessible for maintenance, the fire pump package is available in both horizontal arrangements as shown in this brochure, or in a vertical turbine pump design to meet precise installation requirements.

General Description

The following general description is typical of the Specific FP-13 series fire pump package. Details will vary with application and installation arrangement.

The single stage, horizontal shaft centrifugal pump features a cast iron case and cast iron bearing support frame, both accurately machined with pilot hole mating surface for precise alignment of the shaft and pump impeller with the casing Bearings are of the grease lubricated, antifriction type. The bearings are completely isolated from the pump casing, thereby eliminating any possibility of damage to the bearings from the fluid being pumped.

A bronze, vacuum cast impeller, accurately machined and dynamically balanced, is secured to the shaft by means of a key and cap screw arrangement. The impeller is of closed design, resulting in highest efficiency. Bronze impeller wear rings are located in the pump suction opening, and are readily replace when necessary.

A special 303 stainless steel mechanical seal with carbon sealing surface is provided to seal the casing at the shaft penetration opening. The carbon seal is spring loaded and operates on a Ni-Resist surface. The shaft is protected against corrosion by a bronze shaft sleeve which completely isolates the shaft from the pumped liquid.

A totally enclosed, fan cooled motor drives the fire pump through a flexible coupling, which permits safe operation within a nominal misalignment range. The motor operates at 3550 RPM and has electrical characteristics of 3 phase, 60 Hertz, 240/480 volts. Other electrical characteristics are available, including 50 hertz. A coupling guard which fully encloses the shafts and coupling is provided for personnel protection.

The pump, motor and coupling guard are mounted on a heavy, rigid structural steel base designed to maintain alignment of the pump and motor, regardless of normal installation and piping loads on the package. The steel base is thoroughly sandblasted after fabrication, inorganic zinc coated, and painted with two coats of epoxy paint to prevent the possibility of corrosion in the offshore environment.

Optional Features

  • Protective Wear Rings - Additional wear rings are provided within the pump casing to protect the impeller from wear.
  • Oil Lubricated Bearings - Continuous oil lubrication is available for shaft bearings in lieu of grease lubricated fittings.
  • Stainless Steel Shafts - 316 Stainless Steel impeller shafts are available for pumps located in particularly corrosive environments.
  • Vertical Turbine Pumps - An alternate vertical turbine pump package may be supplied for installations with limited space availability.



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