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Specific Bilge Pumps

For offshore drill rigs and work barges

Specific's BP-13 series vertical shaft centrifugal bilge pumps are ideal for installation and service in tight spaces usually found on offshore drill rigs or work barges. The unit's compact design minimizes deck space requirements, yet the pump can be readily moved from the sump for servicing when required. Fully automatic operation assures a dry bilge.

General Information

The BP-13 series bilge pump is a single stage, vertical shaft centrifugal pump mounted on a column and shaft arrangement which permits the pump suction to be set at a predetermined depth. Depending on the pump setting depth, the vertical shaft may incorporate one or more intermediate line shaft bearings to provide shaft support and proper torsional characteristics.

The pump casing is of cast iron design and is fitted with a removable large area strainer to prevent large foreign object ingestion into the pump impeller. The pump impeller is cast and machined bronze, and operates within two bronze wear rings - one at the impeller inlet and one at the impeller shaft hub location. The impeller is positioned and secured on the large diameter line shaft by means of a shoulder fit, bolted retainer, and positioning key.

The pump bearing and intermediate line shaft bearing are of the grease lubricated, bronze sleeve type. Lubrication is accomplished through standard grease fittings mounted on the pump assembly base plate and connected to the submerged bearings via flexible tubing. Located within the motor mounting bracket is a regreasable, ball-type thrust bearing which carries the pump shaft and impeller assembly and also incorporates the external impeller adjustment nut.

The pump motor mounting bracket is of two piece cast iron construction, and features pilot hole design for proper alignment of the pump, shaft and motor during assembly or maintenance. The mounting bracket provides access to the motor to pump shaft coupling, thrust bearing, impeller adjusting nut and the split gland stuffing box.

A steel base plate supports the entire pump assembly in the sump or bilge area. The large base plate permits the pump assembly to be easily removed for inspection and maintenance. To facilitate removal, the pump discharge line is brought up through the base plate so all piping connections are above the deck for easy connection to the discharge piping.

For automatic operation, a float control switch assembly is provided and consists of the float, float rod and guides, limit stop nuts, switch mounting bracket and explosion proof float control switch. The two limit stop nuts permit setting the float travel on the rod and in turn serve to establish the desired high and low levels for pump operation.

The pump is driven by a vertical solid shaft, totally enclosed, fan cooled motor. Electrical characteristics may be varied with the particular application, but will normally be 460 volt, 3-phase, 60 Hertz. For most applications, the pump operating speed will be 1750 RPM.

Optional Accessories

  • Drip Oiler - In lieu of the standard grease lines to each sleeve bearing, a drip oiler is available for use when extended operation of the pump is expected.
  • Solenoid Oiler - For full automatic operation, a solenoid oiler provides lubrication to the bearings only when the pump is in operation.
  • Special Materials - Stainless steel pump and shaft materials are available for applications handling corrosive or contaminated fluids, or for use in infrequent operations involving stagnant sea water.
  • Special Bearings - Special bearing materials include graphitar, cutless rubber, glass filled teflon, and are recommended for particularly difficult pumping applications.



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