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Specific Vertical Turbine Drill Water Pumps

Compact, rugged, long life

Proven in service on numerous offshore rigs, Specific's DWP-14 series vertical turbine pumps for drill water pumping provide reliable, cost-effective service. The pumps are designed for long life under punishing operating conditions and offer the following major advantages.

  • Submerged pump assemblies for self priming operation
  • Alignment problems eliminated through registered fits
  • Wide range of flows and pressures
  • Oil lubricated bearings for shaft and pump
  • Special corrosion resistant materials and coatings
  • Reduced deck space requirements
  • Optional "can" type sump and suction flange assembly
  • Suction depth settings up to 200 feet

General Description

Specific's DWP-14 series vertical turbine pumps consist of the pump bowl assembly, column and shafting of specified length, discharge head assembly, lubrication assembly and vertical motor. Where the overall length of the pump assembly exceeds twenty feet, the pump is shipped in subassemblies for reassembly during installation and lowering the pump into its mounting position.

The pump bowl assembly is made up of one or more stages, depending on head or discharge pressure required. Each stage incorporates an intermediate pump bowl of high strength cast iron designed for long life and optimum efficiency. Internal passages are coated with vitreous enamel for corrosion resistance and consistent performance. Renewable wear rings of high quality bronze are fitted to protect the impeller. Special alloy bronze impellers are fully enclosed, precision machined, and balanced for smooth operation. Tapered wedge type stainless steel collets securely fasten the impeller to the pump shaft. Bronze sleeve type bearings are incorporated into the suction case, discharge case and into each intermediate bowl. The pump shaft is of 316 stainless steel unless monel is specified as an option.

When required, the columns, shafting and shaft tubing are supplied in lengths of up to 20' to permit a pump setting depth of up to 200 feet below the pump discharge head. The column joints are flanged for ease of assembly and servicing of the pump bowl assembly. Stainless steel bolts are provided for the column flanges. Shafting and shaft tubing are coupled through threaded bearing boxes and shaft couplings. Bronze spider assemblies with molded rubber bushing insets position the shafting and shaft tubing at ecah column joint. The shafting is fully enclosed by the shaft tubing and is oil lubricated through gravity feed from the lubricator assembly at the discharge head.

The pump discharge head is of fabricated steel construction and incorporated a bronze fitted stuffing bow to fully seal the shafting. An ASA flanged outlet is supplied for connection to the discharge line. An oil lubricator with one gallon reservoir is supplied, complete with a solenoid operated drip feed assembly and interconnecting tubing to the stuffing box. Mounting flanges are built into the discharge head for installation of the entire vertical turbine pump assembly and for mounting the electric motor.

For maximum corrosion protection, the pump bowl assembly, column joints and shaft tubing are all sandblasted, coated with flame sprayed aluminum, then sealed with a vinyl primer. The discharge head is sandblasted to near white metal, inorganic zinc coated, and sprayed with two coats of epoxy paint.

The pump motor is of totally enclosed, fan cooled construction, with hollow shaft and a non-reverse ratchet assembly. The ratchet assembly also features a special adjusting nut arrangement for properly locating the pump impellers within the bowl assembly. Horsepower, speed and electrical characteristics of the pump motor will vary with flow and head requirements and with customer specifications.

Optional Accessories

  • Suction Strainer - sturdy, 3/16" bronze wound wire cone type with 3/8" openings to prevent entry of foreign objects into pump suction. Stainless steel wire mesh strainer basket supplied if optional "can" type sump is ordered.
  • Special Materials - special materials of construction are available at additional chage for pumps operation under sever conditions…monel steel pump shafts, for example.
  • Zinc Anodes - designed to further protect against corrosion and for installation at each column joint.
  • "Can" type sump - Available to provide for flooded suction and to permit suction pipe connection when drill water pump is not immersed directly in tank. Flanged suction connection and flanged connection to pump discharge head. Mounting flange for entire pump installation may be located on sump with variable position to suit rig requirements.



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