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Oil Water Separators

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Specific Equipment is a distributor for Recovered Energy Oil Water Separators

The Boss 45 Oil Water Separator is a coalescing, gravity type, oil-water separator capable of separating non-emulsified oil from water at a rate of up to 45 gpm on a continuous and intermittent basis. The unit is designed to avoid emulsification of oil in water and can easily be instrumented to be totally automated and self-controlled. Separated oil exits the unit at about 20-psi allowing the recovered oil to be transported to an oil storage tank or other suitable container without addition of pumps or controls.

The unit comes standard with an oil-in-water monitor that continuously measures the amount of oil in the discharge water. If the oil content is found to be higher than the predetermined limit, the system can be adapted to automatically recycle the discharge water until the discharge requirements are met. This feature helps avoid discharge of oil into the environment.

Maintenance is simple and consists of periodic cleaning and visual inspection of moving parts and rotating equipment. The system is designed to be durable, simple, efficient, maintenance free and cost effective.

The next generation of the Boss 45 will address discharge standards of 5ppm and less, residual oil in water effluent.



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