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Watermaker for Offshore Applications

Our standard seawater RO systems for offshore applications are fully self-contained with production capacities from 5,000 to 26,500 GPD. X

Oil Water Separators

The Boss Oil Water Separator is a coalescing, gravity type, oil-water separator capable of separating non-emulsified oil from water at a rate of up to 45 gpm on a continuous and intermittent basis.

Potable and Sanitary Water Pressure Sets

Satisfactory performance of a potable water system is assured with the selection and installation of the Specific PW-150 series Potable Water Packages designed to deliver maximum water flow at sufficient pressure.

Aqua-Chem Exhibits at Offshore Technology Conference Booth #5441 May 5-8

Aqua-Chem has been an OTC exhibitor for over 40 years. With the acquisition of Specific Equipment Company in 2010, Aqua-Chem offered a complete line of fresh water generation... [ + ] learn more



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