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Specific Equipment Company began building customized pump packages for the offshore petroleum industry in 1967. The company's product line has expanded since then to include reverse osmosis watermakers, helicopter refueling systems, packages to handle water, several pump distributorships, fuel systems, oil water separators, and systems to treat and purify water.
SPECIFIC now serves satisfied customers in the petroleum industry, commercial and military shipbuilders as well as users of purified/treated water in resorts, power generation and general industry. Engineered and manufactured quality as well as prudent selection of buy-out components have characterized the systems that SPECIFIC has shipped to the field. We stand behind our work and our equipment speaks for itself.
We are proud of our reputation for quality workmanship at competitive prices and the reliability to deliver on schedule. All we ask is for a chance to prove it to you. Please take a look at the "SPECIFIC' products and capabilities set-out on the following pages and let us quote the next time an opportunity arises.



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